Tips for A Better Kitchen Renovation

A remodeled kitchen adds joy to your home life, and it also increases your home’s value.

Before you renovate you need to plan carefully. The following tips will help you come up with a workable plan that allows for unforeseen situations. These tips have been review by some of the top contractors across the nation, such as: GR Renovations – Home and Bathroom Remodelling.

Does your renovation plan include adding more storage space? If so, you might want to install a center island. Before you add it, however, measure your kitchen space. Some contractors suggest setting up a cardboard life-size model.

This lets you try it out. Make sure you are able to open your oven door or your refrigerator door. If not, you can opt out of the center island. Consider using a trolley instead.

Keep all plumbing and electrical outlets right where they are. Plan to have all your appliances installed where the existing ones are. This makes the remodeling project easier and less costly.

Measure twice and cut once is a contractor’s saying and you will want to abide by it when planning your new kitchen. Measure everything so that new refrigerator of yours will fit in the doorway. Measure entrances, countertops, and windows.

Make sure your new cabinets will fit. If they are smaller and they will create gaps, plan on adding toe-kicks. Any gaps that might be left when they are installed can be fixed with filler panels.

Choose your lighting. Many people automatically gravitate to the recessed lighting. If you have to have it nothing will stop you but at least give other options a chance. You might find that mounting fixtures to a grid on your ceiling creates more even lighting. It makes preparing meals easier.

If you do go for an island, plan to hang a large light fixture right above it. This gives you another option to add decorative flair in the kitchen, but it also serves a purpose. Plan to install under-cabinet lights so that you have plenty of light wherever you work in the kitchen.

Plan how you will handle your contractors as they work. Try to minimize too many conversations with them. You do not want to disrupt their work. Offer them beverages to make them feel welcome.

Do not be afraid to stop in while they are working. This shows you have a sincere concern about the project. You should also have a way for them to reach you when you are away from the project. Provide them with your cell phone number and your e-mail.

Have fun planning your kitchen renovation, and be patient. The result will be worth the wait.