Our favorite manufacturer for sex dolls is Sex Doll Genie. They create a wide variety of dolls made with top-notch materials. The level of customization they offer is truly impressive!

So let’s look at their best sex doll options:

Best Overall: MEGAN

As mentioned briefly above, Megan is a petite redhead that most men are sure to find appealing. Made from TPE material, she is 5 ft 2 inches tall, weighs 62 pounds, and has B cup breasts.

Her waist is 19 inches and her bust measures 26 inches. Her vaginal and anal cavities each measure 6.7 inches deep. She has an oral depth of 5.1 inches.

It’s important to consider these measurements for your own preferences and how you want to use your doll.

Included in the free personalization options with Megan are choices to customize the hairstyle, eyes, areola size, nipple color, and even finger and toenails! You can also adjust the skin color, type of vagina, and labia color for free.

All dolls from Sex Doll Genie are custom made, even if you order one “as is.”

Just keep in mind:

It takes between 3 and 6 weeks to have your sex doll delivered to you.

When you order, you’ll get tracking details included or (if available) instructions for in-store pickup.

Find out whether Megan is the girl you’ve been looking for.

Best Tall Option: CLARRIE

For guys who prefer a taller woman with larger breasts, Clarrie is a good potential mate. She stands 5 ft 6 inches tall, has D cup breasts, and weighs 84 pounds.

Remember that, unlike a real partner, your sex doll is just dead weight. Make sure you can comfortably lift her weight before you buy a doll.

Sexy Clarrie comes equipped with anal, vaginal, and mouth openings for your pleasure. She is made with soft, solid TPE material with a metal skeleton for sturdiness.

You can buy extra heads, replace the head for free, and customize the hairstyle for free. In addition, you can adjust the eye color, areola size, nipple color, and more at no extra cost!

This doll comes with the option of enhancing the mouth, adding a premium wig, customizing the feet and shoulders, and more.

If anything about your order is incorrect, repairs or replacements are included with no extra charge. Note that this only applies to unused sex dolls. You cannot return your doll once you’ve used her.

Like the sound of Clarrie? Check her out now.

Best Ebony Doll: FARASHA

Farasha is an exotic doll who stands 5 ft 5 inches and weighs just over 79 pounds. Keep in mind that, with taller dolls, positioning the body can feel like a workout.

If you’re one of those guys who thinks that more than a handful is a waste, you’ll appreciate her B cup breasts. She has a 20.87-inch waist and 33.46-inch hips.

You can personalize Farasha at no extra charge by choosing a different head, customizing her hairstyle for free, changing her eyes, skin color, and vagina type.

As with any other sex doll, make sure you observe proper aftercare with Farasha. We’ll give more thorough instructions on cleaning later.

In addition to changing her skin and eyes, you can customize her feet, pubic hair, and lip color. Additional accessories are also available! Since your doll will be custom made, give it at least a few weeks to arrive.

Ordering is easy with Sex Doll Genie. They will never share or sell your personal details.

Learn more about Farasha and see if she’s right for you.


Aakaylie is the prefect pick for guys who fantasize about MILF action. She’s the perfect blend of naughty and nice, with a sexy librarian vibe.

She stands 5 ft 5 inches tall and weighs 83.78 pounds with E cup breasts. Like the other sex dolls from Sex Doll Genie, she is made with TPE material. Aakaylie has 37.8-inch hips and a 24.41-inch waist.

Free options include choosing a different head, customizing hairstyle, customizing the eyes, changing the skin color, and adjusting vagina type.

You may also customize the breast type, pubic hair, feet, and even the skeleton. Additional accessories are available. Aakaylia just might teach you a few new things.

Meet Aakaylie and make your MILF fantasy come true.

Best Japanese Doll: KATIA

Our favorite Japanese sex doll is Katia a delicate beauty that’s sure to please men who enjoy petite women. While she’s far from the cheapest option on our list, you get premium quality with this doll.

She’s 5 feet tall and is made with silicone over an alloy skeleton. Her skin has a lifelike feel to it that allows you to get lost in fantasy. Katia has C cup breasts and a 23.62-inch waist with 32.68-inch hips.

You can choose a different wig for Katia, adjust her eye color, skeleton type, pubic hair, and vagina type. You can also adjust the mold and depth of her vagina. That way, she is sure to satisfy you completely, every time!

Learn more about Katia and see if she’s the best option for you.