Top Tips For Hiring Home Contractors

how to find a home contractor

You’ve decided you need to hire a home contractors and you’ve done your search on Google and asked friends for recommendations. Now you have a list of contractors. With that said, here are a few tips to hire a home contractor.


The first thing to look for in a home contractor is experience. Don’t assume that if a contractor has been in the industry for many years that they have plenty of experience. The home contractor who has performed hundreds of jobs in the last year will have more experience than the contractor who has only completed a few dozen jobs within the last five years.

Before hiring a home contractor, find out how many projects they’ve worked on. Ask to see their portfolio too. This will give you an idea of the work they have done.

Licensed & Insured

Believe it or not, a home contractor might not be licensed and insured. If they are not, then you can bet they are not a reputable contractor and you should stay far away from them. Always make sure the home contractor you’re researching has their license and they are fully insured.

If a contractor isn’t licensed or insured, the chances are they will take shortcuts and they probably won’t get any permits, if required. The last thing you want is to be on the hook for damages that they do to your home. If they do not have insurance, then that is exactly what could happen.

Read Reviews

Another thing you want to do is read reviews about each home contractor on your list. If a contractor has many positive reviews and only a handful of negative ones, then this is find. If the opposite is the case, then don’t hire them because this is a major red flag.

When reading reviews, look for things such as whether or not the contractor in question honored any warranties or guarantees that they made. Find out if the jobs they worked on were completed on time or ahead of schedule. Pay attention to recurring themes more than one-off comments because if there is a recurring thing that is being said, there’s a good chance it’s true.

All you have to do now is request an estimate from each contractor. Make sure you keep the above tips in mind, and remember that price isn’t everything. Go with your gut feeling and hire the one you firmly believe will provide the best work.

Tips for A Better Kitchen Renovation

A remodeled kitchen adds joy to your home life, and it also increases your home’s value.

Before you renovate you need to plan carefully. The following tips will help you come up with a workable plan that allows for unforeseen situations. These tips have been review by some of the top contractors across the nation, such as: GR Renovations – Home and Bathroom Remodelling.

Does your renovation plan include adding more storage space? If so, you might want to install a center island. Before you add it, however, measure your kitchen space. Some contractors suggest setting up a cardboard life-size model.

This lets you try it out. Make sure you are able to open your oven door or your refrigerator door. If not, you can opt out of the center island. Consider using a trolley instead.

Keep all plumbing and electrical outlets right where they are. Plan to have all your appliances installed where the existing ones are. This makes the remodeling project easier and less costly.

Measure twice and cut once is a contractor’s saying and you will want to abide by it when planning your new kitchen. Measure everything so that new refrigerator of yours will fit in the doorway. Measure entrances, countertops, and windows.

Make sure your new cabinets will fit. If they are smaller and they will create gaps, plan on adding toe-kicks. Any gaps that might be left when they are installed can be fixed with filler panels.

Choose your lighting. Many people automatically gravitate to the recessed lighting. If you have to have it nothing will stop you but at least give other options a chance. You might find that mounting fixtures to a grid on your ceiling creates more even lighting. It makes preparing meals easier.

If you do go for an island, plan to hang a large light fixture right above it. This gives you another option to add decorative flair in the kitchen, but it also serves a purpose. Plan to install under-cabinet lights so that you have plenty of light wherever you work in the kitchen.

Plan how you will handle your contractors as they work. Try to minimize too many conversations with them. You do not want to disrupt their work. Offer them beverages to make them feel welcome.

Do not be afraid to stop in while they are working. This shows you have a sincere concern about the project. You should also have a way for them to reach you when you are away from the project. Provide them with your cell phone number and your e-mail.

Have fun planning your kitchen renovation, and be patient. The result will be worth the wait.


Some Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Home

Yes, the thought of renovating the house will spark a lot of excitement. But it’s usually through all this excitement that you make impulsive decisions. And after a month or two, you want to kick yourself for not really thinking things through.

Well, you don’t have to live with any regret if you just stay focused on the basics. In other words, here are some things to consider before renovating your home.

Assess Your Needs

First, start by thinking about the type of renovations you want. Are there specific rooms you want to give new life? The kitchen and bathroom are popular choices and with good reason. But whatever your vision is, try to get it down on paper and remember to maintain a realistic approach. Things in your imaginary world are free, while in the real world you have to pay for every tile that gets fitted.

Time And Money

Depending on the scale of the renovations, time and money are two very important factors. So, really go into detail about how much you feel comfortable spending, then take the renovation planning from there. And whatever you do, stick to the budget.

At the same time, you have to plan when the renovations are going to take place. For example, if you are renovating the kitchen, it might not be accessible for a few days, meaning you have to cook somewhere else. Always make sure the renovations happen at a time when you can control everything around it.

Increased Property Value

Even though you are not thinking about selling right now, it is still recommended to do renovations that can possibly increase the property value. Granted, not all renovations will be able to add value, but if you plan smartly and speak to some professional in the area, definitely consider your options if you are not dead-set on anything yet.

The Contractors You Use

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to use experienced and professional contractors. If you are not handling the renovations on your own, these are the people who will be in charge of improving aspects of your home.

Without the proper experience, skill, and equipment, the renovations are probably not going to look very appealing for very long.

Take the time to go through several companies and their reputations. Nothing less than professional people should be allowed to help with the renovations to your home, given that you’ll be paying good money for the transformation.

Home Improvement Renovation Tips

There are quite different aspects of home renovation that each home owner should consider. Different parts of house has a different sets of home renovation ideas and guidelines that should be considered and followed.

If you are trying to renovate your home, you can do it parts by parts to avoid total construction around it and to save space and cost. It also ensures that you can use still most part of your home when there are renovation that is undergoing.

Most people renovates their bathroom and kitchen the most in inside the house. Since it is the most that being used all the time, it is as well the most that is getting few dents or damages. Outside house, they intend to do works on terraces and gardens as well.